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Paul William Ellis

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Paul William Ellis, a John Maxwell-certified teacher, trainer, speaker, and coach, changes lives one leader at a time!

Paul blends over 25 years of successfully instructing and coaching aspirational leaders by delivering quality, entertaining, relevant, and client-tailored leadership training. Paul proves that faithful, available, teachable, and servant (FATS) leaders get the best results.

Paul Passionately Inspires Individuals and Teams

To achieve their full potential by honing critical leadership skills. He coaches and engages new and experienced leaders to use his Faithful, Available, Teachable, Servant (FATS) mythology to transform status-quo organizational culture through improved communications and increased team unity.

Paul travels across the United States and worldwide, positively impacting and changing the lives of others. Paul’s comprehensive experiences range from military service, church leadership, non-profit founder, and director roles. He shows the effectiveness of his unique approach to leadership maturity. Paul, as a former assistant pastor of a 3000-member church, led and trained organizational teams through a period of rapid growth and transformation.

Paul envisioned and founded the non-profit organization, International Institute of Deaf Services (IIDS), Inc., which meets the needs of the d/Deaf and those serving the d/Deaf Community. Paul specializes in leadership, communication, and relationship-building instruction while delivering inspirational messages, life-changing seminars, and dynamic presentations.

Paul is also an ordained minister and a professional American Sign Language interpreter. Paul holds multiple degrees: A Bachelor of Science in Religion/Christian education from Columbia International University (Columbia, South Carolina); and a Master of Biblical Studies and Master of Religion Education from Birmingham Theological Seminary (Birmingham, Alabama).

Paul Passionately Inspires Individuals and Teams

And currently “lives life to the fullest” in Birmingham, Alabama. He is a proud covenant father of five children and a great-uncle of three children who he affectionately calls his “Angels.”


“My experience was overwhelming. Paul created a climate whereby we were encouraged to share, seek clarity, as well as complete homework assignments! His eagerness in using his gifts were evident during each class. Delivery of the lesson was always validated.”

─ PWE Client

For specialized leadership training, services, and one-on-one coaching for your organization, please contact Paul at:

Paul William Ellis
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